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My name is Andrew Okaro, I’m a therapist and coach who specializes in relationships, inner child therapy and career transformation. I’m passionate about helping others to achieve their goals and to reach their full potential. 


I’ve been interested in self-development ever since I learnt how to read, and was able to borrow books from my local library. However, my 1st career was working as a Graphics Designer, which lead to further work in world of advertising.


In my 20’s I had my dream job, and a flat in central London, all the things I wanted to have growing up as a teenager. However, I struggled with relationships and found myself repeatedly disappointment in matters of love and the heart.


At the same time, I became interested in psychology, in particular the works of Carl Jung, and Freud. What fascinated me, was the idea that your childhood experiences and the relationships with your parents, are key factors in shaping your life as an adult.


I also became interested in the world of spirituality and was naturally drawn to Toaism and Shamanism. I studied various universal laws such as 'the law of polarity' ‘the law of resonance’ and ‘the law of attraction.’ But not from the superficial view often portrayed in documentaries like ‘The secret’. I was more interested in the workings of the unconscious mind, and how attraction is often influenced by, archetypes, inner parts and shadow aspects of the psyche. 


I started to see how the relationship with my mother fitted the pattern of my early relationships. But knowledge alone, was not enough to transform this, and I realized that I had to dig deeper in order to experience transformation.


After a particularly bad breakup, I became aware of healing power of EFT (emotional freedom technique) and NLP (neuro linguistic programming). While practicing these for some time I became aware of several shifts which manifested as synchronicities in my life. Some of these were subtle, while others were blatantly obvious, like two ex’s contacting me within a space of a couple days. 

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