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What fuels your relationship to money?

Did you know that your conscious and unconscious thoughts have a direct effect on the success you achieve in your career and your finances? Many people want success and prosperity, but rarely achieve this due to the mind’s limitation.

The unconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind and it dictates most of your behaviour. Your thoughts have a direct effect on whether you take bold actions to fulfil your passion and purpose. Or whether you play it safe and stick with what no longer serves you.

Some examples of limiting beliefs: 

"I can’t earn money doing what I love"

"If I earn more, I’ll pay more taxes"

"It’s wrong to earn money from using my gift"

"I should only earn enough to get by"


"Earning money is hard work"

Limiting beliefs can also activate recurring patterns of self- sabotaging behavior. Many of these patterns are influenced by your parent’s, your family system, society and the media.

I can help with:  

• Expanding your business to the next level of success

• Understanding your business from a systemic perspective

• Building your self-worth

• Finding your unique skills and abilities

• Identifying and clearing your limiting beliefs


• Attracting high paying clients to your business

Why work with me?

30 minutes into our 1st session and you’ll understand exactly what your limitations are and where they come from. We’ll work on clearing these blockages using NLP, hypnosis, EFT, family constellation and other powerful techniques.

I’ll guide you in the process of knowing your passion and purpose, and discovering the steps needed to get you to your goal. As a client you’ll receive hypnosis MP3’s and other downloads to aid your progress outside of the sessions.



75 Minutes Session - £100.00

90 Minutes Session - £120.00


Opening Hours


10.00 – 20.00hrs

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