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Systemic and family constellation is a powerful therapeutic approach, designed for revealing and mapping the hidden dynamics within the human relationship system. The technique, developed by Bert Hellinger, draws from other modalities, including Gestalt therapy, psychoanalysis, Virginia Satir’s family sculpting, psychodynamic therapy, shamanism and Zulu beliefs.

Our view of the world and attitude towards life is to a large extent shaped by our family. Scientific research shows us that the experiences of our ancestors can alter DNA, and determine our present behavior.  In family constellations we explore the family system over multiple generations, uncovering and releasing the underlying trauma connected to thoughts, emotions, behavior patterns and illness.

In a private session the client visualizes the constellation and works with internal representatives, which could be family members, work colleagues, partners, ex partners, archetypes and other inner parts and resources. Representatives can take on an abstract nature, such as a spirit guide, animal totem, a nation, religion or institution. Through felt sense the client experiences the energy of the representative, and gains insight into the challenges which need to be resolved and healed.


The process can be used for:

- Resolving difficult family entanglements

- Addressing negative relationship patterns

- Creating a loving romantic union

- Overcoming inner trauma and loss

- Seeing the inner workings of your business

- Success in work and career

- Healing ancestral patterns



75 Minutes Session - £100.00

90 Minutes Session - £120.00


Opening Hours

10.00 – 20.00hrs

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