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“Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” Franklin P Jones

The path to healthy relationships can be hindered by unconscious blocks and limited beliefs, often brought by events related to trauma and disappointment. Episodes such as these often trigger feelings such as fear, anxiety, guilt and shame which remain in the subconscious mind and the bodies energetic field.

These feelings can create self-sabotage, and energetic barriers, that act like magnets in drawing in unhealthy personality types, some examples of these include the unavailable, the abusive, the player, the narcissist etc... 

The attraction of unhealthy partners and recurring patterns are also influenced by your upbringing, family system, and ancestral influences which have been passed down from one generation to the next. Some examples of recurring patterns include:


The co – dependency pattern

The angry parent - rebellious child pattern

The friend - zone pattern

The dominant – Submissive

The ghost – clinger  

If you find yourself in a relationship rut, changing something outwardly, may not provide you with the complete solution. You may know people who are on numerous different dating sites/apps, go on thousands of dates and still see no progress. Or perhaps this is you?

The truth is your inner story and subconscious will dictate whether you are successful in love or not. Having a better relationship starts with the self, and changing the environment of your inner world and subconscious.

Why work with me?

My approach combines a number of simple, yet powerful techniques that will allow you to heal emotional wounds, on a deep subconscious and ancestral level. I will also guide you to create an inner environment that will help you become an energetic magnet for success, without you having chase or cling to anyone.    

I can help you with:

• Releasing fears, blocks and limiting beliefs

• Attracting a new partner

• Cord cutting and healing past relationships

• Self-love & Acceptance

• Changing recurring patterns


• Confidence in dating

• Dealing with divorce


• Creating healthy boundaries


• Defining what you really want from a relationship  


• Advice & guidance in dating


My Experience

I’ve been successfully working with clients on the issue of relationships for over a decade. I’ve studied psychology and various forms of Tantra, and in 2015 I completed a course in “Transforming Your Relationships” I am the Founder and main facilitator of Alvore Conscious Dating, which runs regular events in London and Bristol. 


Relationship Therapy & Coaching

75 Minutes Session - £100.00

90 Minutes Session - £120.00


Relationship & Dating Advice

30 Minutes Session - £40.00

60 Minutes Session - £70.00


Opening Hours

10.00 – 20.00hrs

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