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“I just wanted to tell you that since our last session my life has changed dramatically. I don't know exactly how this has happened, but I'm sure that the blocks I had when I went to see you have started to dissolve."


- Christine


Over the last six months I have met a lot of amazing men. I have been on many dates and also have met them in different places, without having to make an effort. I feel different around men, more attractive and feminine, and I have noticed that they see me. It is a different kind of energy, difficult to explain." 


- Miriam


“I’ve had about 15 sessions with Andrew over the last 3 years and every time I have a session with him, my life seems to move a lot quicker in the direction I desire. I cried a lot, there was a lot of realisation and release. Now I feel I am in a place I could not have been in as quickly as I have managed to get to had it not been for the session with Andrew. I have recommended Andrew to numerous friends and family members over the years and they have really benefitted from his sessions as well.”


- Pinar


"I have never done any hypnotherapy before, but I wanted to address a deeply emotional issue that was affecting my life for years. I only had one session so far, I was apprehensive before the session, but I felt very safe in the environment Andrew created. The session was very moving, I found myself crying a lot, releasing negative energy. After the session I felt more confident and happier than before. I would highly recommend hypnotherapy and specifically Andrew’s services, he has the most amazing soothing voice as well."


- Csille


“ I had several personal one to one sessions with Andrew to resolve the inner blocks I had to marriage. That was last year around October. It definitely set me on a path in which my subconscious led me down the relevant path to my goal. I carried on Andrew's work by way of my own meditations and in February this year I met the man who was to become my husband.... within a month we were married in a religious ceremony and legally in June! I feel incredibly blessed and am very happy. I am very grateful to Andrew and his work which assisted me in tapping into my subconscious.” 


- Rebecca

"I've had several successful hypnotherapy sessions with Andrew before, this time I wanted to address my flying phobia before a long flight to Australia. During the session Andrew guided me to uncover a couple of events, which I would never have thought of as a cause. During the session I felt relaxed and safe, Andrew has a very calming voice which puts you at ease. At the end of the session I felt very light and relaxed, I imagined myself flying on a plane without any negative reaction. I was given an MP3 recording with the session to listen to after. I did 2 long haul flights 2 weeks later without any fuss at all. I would highly recommend"


- Alicia

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