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As adults, many of us suffer from physical or mental heath issues, anxiety, depression, abusive relationships and addiction.  Many of these difficulties stem from childhood experiences that may have been repressed.

If the family system prevents the parent(s) from meeting the child’s needs to feel secure, loved, seen, heard and supported, disruption occurs in the natural stages of development to adulthood.   

The child grows into an adult physically but hasn’t gained fundamental ego strengths and capacities. Inside the adult is a child with unresolved needs, often in a state of confusion, despair, terror and emptiness.

The trauma of the inner child, is often acted out in various atypical scenarios as the adult. There are 7 Inner Child Archetypes as defined by Dr. LePera, these include:

The caretaker

The overachiever

The underachiever 

The rescuer/protector

The life of the party

The yes-person

The hero-worshipper


Inner Child Therapy is an opportunity to work through disruptive patterns, by re parenting the child within. This can involve gentle exercises to help in healing trauma, ancestral wounds and the family constellation.  

I can help you with:

• Emotional Cord Cutting

• Healing traumatic memories

• Womb Regression 

• Creative Re parenting

• Removing blocks to creativity

Why work with me?

My approach is integrative using a number of simple, yet powerful techniques that will allow you to heal emotional wounds, on a deep subconscious and ancestral level. I will also guide you to create an inner environment that will help you create a happy, creative and harmonious union with your inner child.    


Inner Child Therapy

75 Minutes Session - £100.00

90 Minutes Session - £120.00


Opening Hours

10.00 – 20.00hrs

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